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Tender  Supplying and Installation of Dual Block gradient PCR machine
 last modified 13-06-13 15:43  Department of Microbiology,UDSC
Tender  Quotations for Whole genome sequencing of 7 bacterial isolates using Illumina sequencing technology
 last modified 13-06-13 14:43  Department of Zoology
Tender  Quotations for sports items
 last modified 12-06-13 16:35  Keshav Mahavidyalaya
Tender  Corrigendum to tender “Supply of Lecterns”
 last modified 12-06-13 15:40  General Branch II
Tender  Corrigendum to tender “Supply of Laptop/Notebook”
 last modified 12-06-13 15:38  General Branch II
Tender  Fountain Work
 last modified 12-06-13 11:25  Vivekanand College
Tender  Expression of Interest (EOI) For operation of Canteen
 last modified 10-06-13 16:14  Shri Ram College of Commerce
Tender  AMC of Computer, UPS and Printer
 last modified 10-06-13 10:33  Kirori Mal College
Tender  Corrigendum to tender “Drinking Water”
 last modified 07-06-13 9:56  General Branch-II
Tender  Quotation for supplying and installation of Dual Block gradient PCR machine
 last modified 06-06-13 17:26  Department of Microbiology, University of Delhi South Campus
Tender  NIT – 1343
 last modified 06-06-13 17:05  Engineering Department
Tender  CCTV and ALLIED work
 last modified 06-06-13 16:43  Lakshmibai College
Tender  AMC of various items
 last modified 06-06-13 10:58  Kirori Mal College
Tender  Furniture Items
 last modified 06-06-13 10:29  Lady Shri Ram College For Women
Tender  Contractor Registration Tender Notice
 last modified 04-06-13 10:17  Lady Shri Ram College of Commerece
Tender  Supply of Laptop/Notebook
 last modified 31-05-13 21:45  General Branch II
Tender  Equipment for Observational Astronomy Laboratory
 last modified 31-05-13 15:46  Department of Physics and Astrophysics
Tender  Supply of Lecterns
 last modified 28-05-13 15:23  General Branch II
Tender  NIT – 1036
 last modified 24-05-13 12:58  Engineering Department
Tender  Purchase of AFM/STM system
 last modified 22-05-13 11:51  Department of Chemistry
Tender  AMC of Airconditioners
 last modified 15-05-13 16:12  UDSC
Tender  Installation of Security System in Library
 last modified 15-05-13 10:54  South Campus Library, University of Delhi South Campus
Tender  Commercial Binding Quotation
 last modified 14-05-13 10:40  Delhi University Library System
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