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Nepali students at DU prays and collects funds for families caught back home

The great disaster of Nepal, where more than 3600 of lives are reported for death till today is really a bad news worldwide.

More than 500 Nepali students were left in a lurch as the earthquake hits back home. With semester exams starting next week, the students were busy preparing when the news struck them. Around 11.30 am, 21 years old Nepal resident Rajdip Bhusaumahat was studying for the upcoming exams when his chair started shaking. “I felt things trembling in my hostel room and instantly knew that it was an earthquake. Within minutes of the tremors, I received texts from friends informing me about the epicenter of the earthquake and the pictures of the destructions caused back home. I was unnerved,” he said.

For almost one hour, Rajdip painstakingly waited for updates from family members as all his attempts of calling them, went unanswered. Rajdip’s native place is in Phaktpur, few kilometers away from the epicenter. He finally got a text message from his younger brother saying that he and their mother are safe but are unaware of their father’s whereabouts who is in the army. Rajdip’s father is a lieutenant and had left home in the morning and since there has been no response from his side.

He is in Delhi for three years now and heads the Nepali Students’ Association in DU. All the Nepali students have come together in this tough situation and started collecting funds for the families suffering the nature’s fury. Rajdip further informed that the four famous religious tourist places, namely the Narayan Hiti palace, Kathmandu Durbar square, Bhaktapur Durbar square and Patan Durbar square are destroyed too.

Another student of DU, Shraddha Gautam, a first year Economics Honours student of Khalsa College is a resident of Samakhushi in Kathmandu. Unable to control her emotions, Shraddha was in tears as we approached her. For three hours, she had been trying to reach out to her family in all possible ways but in vain. Finally, her mother sent her a message on whatsapp informing her about their well-being. She now packs her bag to leave for her home.

There are numerous such students at DU who are still clueless about their families and homes. The videos shown on news channels and the internet are the only source of information for them. Apart from these students, there are many who come to Delhi to earn a living and no access to TV or internet. The students at DU are collecting money to help the victims in Kathmandu and are in the process of contacting the Embassy officials to gather information about their families.

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