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HRD Minister Skipped Urdu Conference

DU Urdu Conference skipped by Irani: Rohith Vemula’s suicide case

Conference organized by the National Council for Urdu language promotion by HRD ministry, Irani was the chairperson of the council.

Smriti Irani, Union Minister skipped the Urdu conference inauguration on Friday at DU. The question is raised- Does she skipped after 100’s of students gathering for the Rohith Vemulas Suicide case issue?

“The dates were chosen after decision with the members. No information was provided from the HRD minister’s office that Irani won’t be coming.” Addressed by – Syed Ali Karim (NCPUL). No official reason for not attending the inauguration is given.

Students of all over Delhi and from different university as well claimed delay in equity to Hyderabad varsity Dalit researcher Vemula, who committed suicide a month ago, accumulated outside the conference room and students demanded for Irani resignation.

Strict security was set up to stay away from any untoward incident in perception of the challenge. The occasion started with a keynote address by BJP MP M J Akbar on “200 years of Urdu reporting”.
The writer turned legislator thought upon how one individual can’t all the while seek after two callings and how Urdu reporting has changed throughout the years.

The three-day gathering will see paper presentations from Urdu researchers over the globe including those from Bangladesh, Mauritius, Qatar, Dubai and Canada among others. Social workout, with “Aalmi Mushaira” and play title “Fundamental Urdu Hun”, will likewise is a piece of the occasion.

JNU students had recently canceled their yearning strike following 10 days, vowing to proceed with the challenges; three understudies from Jamia today chose to go on an uncertain craving strike, requesting the acquiescence of Irani.

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