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CBCS gets a final nod in DU

Delhi University’s Joint Registrar has finally given a green signal to the much debated Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and has sent a notification to all the affiliated colleges informing about the adoption of University Grants Commission’s CBCS of scoring in examinations. The notification dated April 29, asks the colleges to start preparing for the curriculum as per the UGC prescribed guidelines for the coming academic year.

The decision comes as an aftermath of a meeting between the Vice-Chancellor of DU, Dinesh Singh and the deans of the affiliated colleges held on April 23. However, the new marking system has been given a go-ahead ignoring the necessary approval of the Executive Council of the university.

The notification further asked the colleges to follow the UGC’s official website before starting the process. The detailed guidelines, course structure, draft model syllabi for the 19 college classes are accessible on the site.

The main motive behind the introduction of a choice based credit system (CBCS) is to provide a uniform platform to the students who want to transfer across Universities in India as well as abroad. This system will make the whole process hassle-free and there will be no issues in the conversion of marks or any confusion in marking system, with all the universities following same UGC recognized pattern.

The CBCS allows the students to select the courses they like from the prescribed list of core, elective, minor or soft skill courses. It also gives the students an opportunity to learn at their own speed, adopt an interactive method of learning or take up additional courses for earning extra credits.

UGC, in order to bring qualitative improvement in higher education in the country, has persuaded the universities to introduce academic reforms like grading and CBCS, introduction of semester system to match the universal system. Different grading and evaluation system in different varsities across the country leads to students suffering during employment too as the credentials are accepted variably.

Therefore, to resolve this issue, UGC came up with a uniform credit system, which will also ease the process of migrating without any compromises.

However, the teachers of DU colleges are against the introduction of CBCS as it would create lots of confusion with three different systems for each academic year. According to them, the change would be disastrous for the varsity just like the FYUP, this matter is also being implemented in a hurried manner.

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