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85% Quota In Delhi University Proposes by AAP Government: Divided Student

85% seats reservation in the state government funded colleges under the Delhi University from the city proposed by the Delhi government.

A Delhi boy named Pritthish Roy, a 17 year old just completed the school is looking for the admission in the colleges of Delhi University. The boy is not pleased by the latest proposal of the Delhi Government about the 85% quota to Delhi- based student.

Pritthish Roy says, “I am from Delhi but I don’t care, reservation for our generation should not be encouraged at all……it should be completely on merit. If you have the marks, congratulations, if you don’t, too bad.”
Suvansh Manektala, a 16 year boy from the top schools, DPS RK Puram agrees with Pritthish Roy.

Reservation under the Delhi domicile should not be an issue, DU is rich in culture because they have people from various backgrounds who form the coveted campus culture, this will destroy everything DU stands for,” says Suvansh Manektala.

The AAP Government proposes 85% quota in the state government funded college from Delhi. The government of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to Vice Chancellor of Delhi University in order to this, “If people of Delhi are funding these colleges, don’t they have a right to benefit from them? While thousands from across the country come and study in Delhi University, our students are forced to go outside.

Delhi University though cleared- DU is the central university and any kind of reservation cannot be made on the basis of student’s residency.

One of top college of Delhi university said that it is central university that means anywhere from the country can come and study even though the state government provides the 100% fund.

Although all student are not happy with this decision, the delhi-ite boy named Shivin Uppal says that he being from the Delhi have every right to study in his city.

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