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2,310 Student in LLb Course to admit under Delhi University

High court gives a green signal on Wednesday, for Delhi University to allow 2,310 students for LLB course in 2017. HC convey to BCI for not reducing the seats for this particular course. Apart from that they said to Delhi University to allow the student to continue the admission on this course like prior nine years.

Manmohan and Yogesh Khanna noticed between times to the University, “Why penalize people? Let them study? Give them chance to study. If people want to study from DU, let them. Don’t reduce the capacity at this juncture. You cannot cut down the seats in the Law Faculty because others have started private institutions. DU has a larger capacity and a great faculty.”

BCIBar Council of India’s protest by saying that DU doesn’t have sufficient stable demonstrator and lacks in the infrastructure. The bench said, “Law faculty will ensure there are sufficient teachers. They are not a private university, so don’t treat it like one. It gets grant from UGC, their accounts are audited, they will ensure enough teaching faculty.”

The bench also said that the seats can only reduced if there is any strong reason to do so.
At the time of hearing the Law Faculty put forward that the seats has been increased to 2,310 on May 2008 and it came in force on September.

The applicant who is willing to be part of the LLB course under Delhi University this year, the HC is in support. The entire interested student will get the chance to study under DU as they are in process to allow 2,310 seats for this particular course.

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